Be the difference?

They say they don’t have time to do more, to give more, to serve others.

This waiting “for more time” to be noble, to do good things, only reveals their void in awareness. They fail to realize that we are all insanely busy. (Could it be that only people with more time are the ones empowered to make a difference in the world?)

They tell you that the changes you want to make can’t be accomplished. Life is too hard; keep your head down and mind your own business.

They miss the wisdom that by not participating in the change, they are creating resistance.

They tell you the effort you are giving is folly.

Foolishness, however, is finishing the day knowing you could have acted, but didn’t; knowing you had value to give, but kept it.

This is why you get up, again and again, and refuse to rationalize conduct that doesn’t take you – us – where you know we can go.

You are why the world we live in is brilliant.



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