The months ahead will devour those who begin the year believing it must be conquered. A “me-against-the-world” contest pits the well-intentioned against an imaginary foe. The unaware professional who wrongly believes life could somehow be bigger than them shadowboxes an opponent that does not exist.

Life remains what it was originally intended for: To be lived.

  • The inspired worker who sees their labor as a venue for realizing who they can be outdistances a tired employee who sees their job as something they have to do.
  • The collaborative leader who seizes daily opportunities to humanly connect with peers outpaces their colleagues who see teammates as “those people who must be tolerated.”
  • The difference maker who utilizes the workday to model the value of serving others outlives those who wait for weekends (or retirement) for philanthropic acts.

The year ahead holds many treasures. These riches, however, are reserved for those who use their workday as a platform for learning, improving, and serving.

Who will you become in 2023?

P.S. Better people make better leaders.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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