Photo Credit: Kali Rae Hornick via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Kali Rae Hornick via Compfight cc

They flinched.   When confronted by reality, they had an opportunity to do what was right. Instead, they succumbed to the pressure:

  • When the customer shared their frustration . . . they blamed a teammate.
  • When data showed safety was at risk . . . the information was buried.
  • When the numbers could be met, but doing so meant hurting the organization long-term . . . they took the easy way out.
  • When a flaw in the project was discovered . . . the error was passed on to the next group to deal with.Courage is being surprised by news, but not your responsiveness.


It’s stepping into the chaos, the swirl, the pressure – and boldly modeling responsibility. It’s speaking up when the data says something needs to be said and done. It’s playing the long-game even when there’s pressure to cut corners. It’s owning outcomes of the broader team that exceed individual responsibilities.


Courage is first the act of being accountable to self.   The significant moments of choice are rarely predictable; they appear suddenly. Is your team prepared? Why will you deliver?

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Activate Your Greatness.

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