Is your team ready?

The end of the year is nearly here. In the past, this meant weary employees went home, rested, celebrated, and returned refreshed and energized for a new year.

But the end of 2020 is different. This time the end of the year is merely a halftime, an intermission, a pause in the middle of an emotionally straining pandemic period.

Covid-19 doesn’t care that the calendar is flipping to a new year. To believe your team will somehow magically return from the Holidays with renewed focus and energy is to risk seeing your team start the year with a 2020 hangover.

Like no other year end, it’s the collaborative leader’s responsibility – indeed, duty – to act.  Here are three steps to ensure your team isn’t caught off guard and instead begins 2021 with the focus and fortitude needed to start (or finish the crisis) strong.

  • Instruct the team to generate a list of how they’ve became stronger, better or faster in 2020. Then, identify how these new capabilities will be applied on day-one in the new year.
  • Conduct an exercise where teammates assess for clarity and alignment to the team’s purpose and values. (Clarity of purpose = emotional energy.)
  • Require each team member to start the new year with their personal perseverance plan. What simple, measurable actions will they take to be emotionally strong?

The end of 2020 isn’t a beach landing where masts are lowered and you put away your gear. Instead, you’re merely pulling your ships into a harbor for a brief respite as you voyage to a new reality. Will your team drift into 2021? Or will this be the moment teammates establish a firm grip on the rudder by setting a clear focus?

You’ve got two weeks to determine how your team shows up for 2021. Now’s your moment.

Hat tip: DO, CMC, MW

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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