Do you know a leader who delivers stellar results at work only to suffer while at home? Such people run their family as if it’s “Home, Inc.” Their house is a pit stop: they rush home so they can re-fuel, change the tires (clothes), and get back to work.

It’s a good thing there’s no Board of Directors or these people would be fired.


A person may be paid to manage a team at the office, but the last time we checked, no one is receiving a paycheck for being a parent. There are no bonuses at Home, Inc. No sick days to take. And no performance reviews.

There are benefits though… huge benefits. And they are delivered each time one delivers great leadership. At home, “stock price” is directly linked to “employee satisfaction”.


Leadership- the act of leading others- is NOT a 9-5 proposition. A gentleman named Roy, whom we met in Minnesota, knows this. “I don’t want to spend Saturday by myself anymore,” he said. Roy is growing as a leader; he’s broken the “leadership-is-only-done-at-work” paradigm. Better results – important results – are apparent immediately.

As we wrote in Stomp the Elephant in the Office (Wister and Willows, 2008), how much sense does it make to give a complete effort and strive to improve your leadership at work if it means that you go home as a zombie and give your family your left-overs?

Kids or no kids, married or not, your home is where you hold the most important leadership position on the planet. What leadership upgrade are you ready for in this area?

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

To learn a quick, easy, and powerful set of questions that will help you transition between work and home, click here.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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