In a recent survey of sales reps, more than half would not pay $1 for an hour of their manager’s time. And only 10% would pay $150-$500 for that same hour.

What are the in-demand leaders doing their peers are not?

They are developing people. They’re making us better. They’re coaches, mentors, teachers or guides.

How many leaders in your organization would you pay $150 to be with for an hour? Your answer says a lot about the culture of your company.

Perhaps the more important question: How much money would your colleagues give to spend an hour with you? Your answer says a lot about your leadership.

In a recent program, I asked the members at the director level to consider their leaders – and identify those with whom they’d pay $150 or more to spend an hour. Then, I asked, “What do those leaders have in common?”

Assess how you compare to the list of behaviors these people-leaders created:

  • You are available emotionally (interactions are not transactional)
  • You have a lot of technical skills – yet are fascinated by all there is to learn
  • You are direct – but in a way that communicates “I believe in you”
  • People have confidence in their abilities after engaging with you
  • You model successful work-life integration
  • You are centered and demonstrate composure under pressure

Do your colleagues want to be around you? (Does it matter to you?)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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