Hey, Mr. or Ms. Important:

Did you notice the new employee in the cubicle next to the door of the conference room? The one who looked up at you as you walked by? Tonight, she’ll tell her family she saw you.

Did you realize that the meeting you cancelled for the third time was with employees who must now re-orient their entire work schedules and lives (again) to be prepared for their 30 minutes with you?

Did you notice the administrative assistant who stayed after hours to make sure your meeting was supported (without telling you that her daughter was sick and at home by herself)?

Did you notice those members of the team who joined the meeting had untold more data to share with you (which they stayed up late into the night sweating over), just in case you gave them more than 30 seconds to speak in your meeting?

Did you observe those two employees waiting after the meeting to speak with you, and who finally left because you chose to chat with those in your inner circle?

Do you see people? Or do you simply aspire to lead them?

You can’t lead who you can’t see.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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