So you wake up one day and you have hair growing out of your ears (To our female friends, you might notice a grey hair or two). And you think, “Whoa, I’m not a spring chicken anymore.”



And then you make the choice: You put your life on cruise control…or you take a hair-in-the-ears-be-damned approach and realize “I’m as young as the questions I ask myself.”


What sort of questions are being asked in your office?



Cruise control: How do we deliver to the customer without too much pain?


Hair-in-the-ears-be-damned: What can we do to exceed expectations?



Cruise control: What’s for dinner?


Hair-in-the-ears-be-damned:How do we take our relationship to new levels?



Cruise control: Do I have enough in my retirement account?


Hair-in-the-ears-be-damned:Have I given enough?



Cruise control: How do I complete this without drawing too much attention to myself?


Hair-in-the-ears-be-damned:What unique thinking and leadership can I bring to our efforts?



Cruise control: What can we do to make sure they realize they’re wrong?


Hair-in-the-ears-be-damned:How will we co-create a better solution as one team?



The irony, of course, is that we’re all going to have hair in our ears. The breakthrough: The questions we ask will determine whether other people know it – or don’t care.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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