You might get lucky and be successful in 2023 because you have clear priorities, created the perfect reporting structure, and have up-to-date systems.

And you may win a hundred million dollars playing the lottery, too.

If you are in the average organization, it is more likely that two things will occur with your new ways of working:

  1. They will be corrupted by ego-based power struggles as talented people battle and position themselves for decision-making rights.
  2. Talent will be woefully suboptimized as employees float through daily work disconnected from one another.

As 2023 gains traction, many employees already know the plan will not work – or if it does, they will have to kill themselves to deliver the priorities. That is because humans can innately tell if they are humanely connected to their teammates or not.

Your team may be aligned intellectually to your business imperative. But without alignment to a human imperative your chances of success are as good as winning the lottery.

It is not too late. Humanly connect the members of your team (and you can make even a bad structure or system look good).

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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