mindsetThe graduate makes a significant decision as they walk across the stage: “This is my graduation.” Or, “This is my commencement exercise.”
Some are done. “I’m finally finished with school,” translates to “My learning is complete.” Others have just started: “I’m moving onto a career in . . .” can be interpreted as “My learning has just begun.”
The diploma represents different things to people. Dr. Carol Dweck’s research has popularized the idea of the fixed and growth mindsets:
• Fixed = The intelligence I’ve got is all I’ve got.
• Growth = There is no finish line. My learning is continuous.
These two-types of graduates will soon be joining our work team. As we prepare for them, we should ask: How does our team interpret the current pressures we face?
• We’re doomed. Our problems are too severe. Other’s aren’t doing their part.
• We will persevere. Our effort will drive discoveries. We will be accountable.
This difference is more than a choice in attitude, it determines the future we create. Those with a growth mindset: We mustn’t remain quiet, with our perspectives idling quietly in meetings. Today’s problem-solving is our commencement exercise.
This is our time. (As is tomorrow.)

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Image courtesy of David Castillo at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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