It is a general truth that when a person is under pressure their true character is revealed. But what about an organization? When squeezed under the stress of external conditions, does the organization reveal its true nature?

If your instincts say yes – you’ve got good instincts. According to research, the organizations that already had collaborative cultures (among other similar characteristics) prior to the pandemic experienced an increase in productivity by ~5%. Despite the fact that employees were forced into chaotic, let’s-instantly-go-virtual working conditions these companies got better.

In comparison, what happened to the organizations that work in silos once the pandemic hit? They have seen their dysfunction exacerbate a drop in productivity by ~3%. That’s a net difference of ~8% in productivity on top of the 40% productivity disadvantage such organizations were already dealing with.

I’m aware that the readership of this blog consists of people who largely work for successful organizations. Therefore, a message: You did it. It hasn’t been easy. You’re exhausted. And while there are still months to go in the craziness, the facts are: Your true character has been revealed.

And it is good.



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