Establish collaboration as a core value in society.

(And have fun while we do it.)

Our Story

Our journey began 30 years ago delivering parenting workshops. We were driven by the idea that bringing out the best in children required parents being at their best first. It didn’t take long for parents in our programs to bring us into their places of work.

Now, we are driven by clarity of the virtuous cycle: By equipping organizations to be at their best, the families in that community become stronger. And, as a result, those families build stronger institutions in the community.

With every phone call and every program, we expand and write a story of the heart that has always mattered.

Our Beliefs

Strategy execution is a social process.

Changing behaviors is not an intellectual exercise – it’s the business of the heart.

Our families deserve more than our left-overs.

The best development occurs in the flow of work.

What We Do

Organizations that are not aligned fail customers and employees. Verus Global rapidly aligns collaborative teams to their imperatives so they can consistently succeed.

Our Values

  • Inspire and activate hearts in all we do.

  • Deliver best-ever L&D experiences.

  • Make our client-partners the hero.

  • Thrive in a one-team, all-in culture while having each other’s backs.

  • Achieve sustainable, fulfilling growth.

Our Truths

Collaboration – Transparency – Communication – Fulfillment – Respect – Trust – Simplicity

HR.com Leadership Excellence Awards

Verus Global was nominated, by our Client-Partners, for the HR.com Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD) awards based on their experience with us, our programs and the impact they saw on their business. We were recognized for excellence in the categories below along with other notable winners Korn Ferry, DDI and Franklin Covey.

4th Top Leadership Partner

2015 & 2018 – Recognizing the great work of a leadership solution partner or provider

12th Best Use of Team Building

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing organizations that have deployed team building training and exercises to advance the level of cohesive leadership across the organization.

15th Best Global/ International Leadership Program

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing leadership programs deployed globally that have consistently impacted leadership skill on a global scale.

22nd Best Experienced/Senior Leaders Program

2015 & 2016 – Recognizing organizations that build leadership strength at the top of the organization through the continued development of its existing senior leaders.

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Our Experience

We’ve been fortunate to partner with incredible organizations and deliver solutions across multiple countries and industries.





Meet Our Delivery Experts

We’re a global team of talent and leadership development specialists who believe all organizations have tremendous potential, because people have tremendous potential. We’re dedicated to equipping leaders and cultures with the skills to activate human potential — and, we do it like no one else.

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CEO, Author, Speaker


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Master Facilitator

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Master Facilitator & Client Success Partner


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