It Starts with the Heart

We equip you and your teams with practical tools, a common language and a go-to plan that sticks to achieve big things faster, better.

We can do this because it is our philosophy and methodology that doesn’t require any of us to change who we are. Instead, our approach activates and amplifies the brilliance we already possess. We have all got heart-moxie within us.
The work of doing big things does not require doing more; it is a method to being more. It starts with the heart to truly drive the business priorities forward. Once your people know why and what they must do, we build solutions to support how they are going to get it done, together.

“Verus Global gets to the guts of how people work together and accomplish the behavior shift necessary to succeed” 

Susan Millard

Global Head HR, R&D, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

What makes us different?

What drives our work is an obsession of answering one question: How do you equip a team to quickly operate in a way that enables them to deliver the big thing that needs to get done?

It’s not about the training event. The event is in service to something bigger.

The real impact comes when teams are operating with heart and learning from each other to build collective leadership capabilities well beyond the program.

We know that the heart and humanity comes first and we design with that principle in mind; and it shows up in every interaction – every day at work and at home.

“As a result of partnering with Verus Global, our team’s leadership capability is higher. Interactions with our employees have improved. Culture scores have improved significantly.”

Mike Hughes

Plant Manager, P&G

The conditions for teams to do big things depends on the presence of four core elements: the whole person, heart-inspired leadership, activated talent and a one-team culture. We call this the System of Excellence.

Heart-Inspired Leadership

Human beings are innately wired to be inspired.

We will follow leaders who give us a reason to believe, who care and who empower greatness.

Bring your best to every situation and you will move the business forward.

Activated Talent

Once we are inspired and connected to the work we do, the choice to bring out the best in others is easy.

It fuels the heart and we get results.

One-Team Culture

Because of Inspired Leadership and Activated Talent, a one-team mindset permeates through the culture.

Teams across the business rally around a shared purpose and therefore choose to partner to move the business forward. 

Whole Person

Because people feel connected to a purpose, the team experiences the exhilaration of being human and moving the business forward so they can bring their best home to those they love. 

When these four core elements are present, the team is inspired, hearts are activated and humanity is given the space to be at it’s best – this is where the conditions are met for big things to happen.

And the system that we function, thrive and operate in, is healthy – at it’s best – so you can be at your best.

How do we do this?

For over two decades we’ve analyzed, refined and operationalized the framework that creates the conditions that are necessary for teams to do big things.

We call this Do Big Things Framework.

The Do Big Things (DBT) Framework

It’s a 7-step framework that names and achieves two core elements: Your One Big Thing and the Human Imperative, how we choose to interact and work together, that the team embraces and operationalizes. The team builds and owns the plan with clarity, purpose and focus.

To be a team that’s full of heart moxie and capable of being bigger than the big thing right in front of us, we simply need to do what we can do to:

1. Commit to the Human Imperative

2. Embody Success (and leverage failure)

3. Choose to Contribute, Activate and Connect Across the Business

4. Exercise Your Barrier-Breaking Authority

5. Focus on What Matters

6. Energize Around a Shared Reality

7. Mobilize Hearts and Minds Forward

Read case studies from our client-partners

“In all of my formal graduate and undergraduate education, nothing has come close to teaching me the leadership and communication skills I learned in the Pathways to Leadership® Process.”

Chuck Kossen

Vice President, Supply Chain, Novartis Consumer Health

“I am so excited that this program is able to teach others how to be inspiring leaders…It has built my confidence that everything we do every day will impact the culture. It lets me actively support a program that provides leadership skills to people so that they can be their best.”

Kim Riddle

Director, P&G HHC Engineering

“Verus Global has had an impact on our organization through accelerating projects by eliminating time spent on finger pointing and looking back and puts focus on working toward solutions.”

Brett Thomes

Head of Technology Transfer, Alcon