Big Things Are Happening

“People now have a common language and tools to use in everyday situations from just building relationships to root cause analysis problem solving.  People are better equipped to deal with cross-functional “issues” which leads to better results and better relationships.”

Matt Reid

President & CEO, Supherb Farms

 “I feel blessed that I have been chosen to be in this program and starting this movement with our organization. What an amazing group of leaders.”


Birgit Wirtz

Global Section Head, P&G

“This is the best training I have attended in 30+ years — a thought-provoking teaming and communication strategy that I believe can transition an organization into an exceptionally performing team.”

Thomas Molloy

MSP Senior Quality Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin

“Verus Global has helped our sales people, supervisors and managers work together as a team. As a result, we have been extremely successful in bringing in large new pieces of business.”

Gary Persichitte

General Manager, Caraustar Custom Packaging Co.

Our clients tell us that as a result of our partnership they’ve been able to:

  • <p>Deliver new initiatives that drive growth and profitability</p> 97% 97%
  • <p>Provide inspiring and authentic leadership at every level</p> 99% 99%
  • <p>Improve focus and productivity to deliver unmatched business results</p> 99% 99%
  • <p>Align teams to business strategy</p> 97% 97%
  • <p>Build powerful partnerships and teams from new and diverse groups of people</p> 99% 99%
  • <p>Create an inclusive, cooperative, ethical and positive culture</p> 97% 97%
  • <p>Create a climate to support change and the agility to respond quickly</p> 97% 97%
  • <p>Enhance team effectiveness by focusing on outcomes versus issues</p> 99% 99%
  • <p>Drive innovation and discover more creative ideas by tapping into each person</p> 99% 99%
  • <p>Support alignment of personal values with organizational values</p> 98% 98%

What will your story be?