A.C.T. In Partnership™

Alignment + Collaboration + Trust = Excellence in Execution 

Talented people marginalize their value when they are not aligned with colleagues: Executing plans becomes difficult. Too often interpersonal dynamics (influenced by systems, structure, culture, biases, stories, past conflicts and more) fester within groups, and left unaddressed, become barriers to the success of strategic plans and initiatives. In the end, the customer loses.

The A.C.T. in Partnership Workshop is a sequence of tailored, facilitated discussions designed to quickly unify a team through the experience of the Verus Global methodologies. This proven approach creates the psychological safety required for participants to overcome biases and issues getting in the way of achieving shared objectives. Blame, defensiveness and other dysfunctional behaviors are replaced by the productive, truth-telling discussions that create the alignment, collaboration and trust required for the team to succeed for their customer.

“Ways of working only work when associates are equipped to collaborate and trust each other. We’re evolving our culture and delivering value faster because Verus Global’s programs equip us to collaborate more effectively and build an organization with TRUST as our foundation.”  

Jeannette Bankes

President & GM Global Surgical Franchise, Alcon Laboratories


Program Overview

In-Person/Hybrid Workshop:

  • Part 1: 1.5 day in-person, facilitator-led session
  • 8-weeks of peer-led, cohort sustainability meetings
  • Part 2: 90 minute virtual, facilitator-led session designed as strategic follow-up

Virtual Workshop:

  • Part 1: Three 90-minute facilitator-led sessions over 2 to 3 month period
  • Guides for peer-led, cohort sustainability meetings
  • Part 2: a 90-minute, facilitator-led Capstone session


Both In-Person and Virtual Include:

  • Sessions tailored to your imperatives
  • Optimal for up to 25 participants, specially designed for executives, senior leaders and managers
  • Pre-session calls w/key stakeholders and Verus Global to identify imperatives
  • 2-5 virtual interviews with facilitator and select participants to build affinity and refine the focus
  • Additional sessions can be added to strengthen the team’s A.C.T.

Agenda Overview:

1.Define shared Business and Human Imperatives

2.Clarify purpose and motivations

3.Mobilize hearts and minds: going beyond engagement

4.Inventory and assess strengths and momentum towards Imperatives

5.Focus on what matters: 3 Mind Factors

6.Build awareness: the barriers the brain builds between us

7.Energize around a shared reality: The Energy Map

8.Identify barriers to success under our control

9.Operating from a shared reality: 3D Discussion

10.Solving and breaking barriers

11.Sustaining A.C.T. in Partnerships

Download a one-page overview of The A.C.T. In Partnership.