A.C.T. In Partnership™

Alignment + Communication + Trust = Partners Successfully Achieving Plans 

Putting talented people together doesn’t mean they’ll collaborate in talented ways. Too often, interpersonal dynamics (influenced by systems, structure, the culture, stories, past conflicts and more) fester within groups, and, left unaddressed, become barriers to the success of strategic plans and initiatives.

The A.C.T. in Partnership™ Series is a sequence of tailored, facilitated discussions designed to quickly unify a team. In this unique program, rather than emphasizing the training of collaborative leadership capabilities, the focus is put on experiencing the Verus Global methodologies. This proven approach creates the psychological safety required for participants to discuss the issues getting in the way of their success. Blame, defensiveness, hiding and other dysfunctional behaviors are replaced by the productive, truth-telling discussions required for partnerships, all based in alignment, communication and trust. Now, plans can be achieved with excellence.

“Verus Global brings unique value the bigger firms struggle to deliver: personalized solutions, responsiveness and agility, and the ability to scale to our needs. Plus, they don’t just tell us what has to be done – they equip us with the how.”  

Ahmet Tezel

VP & Surgical Franchise Head, R&D, Alcon


Program Overview

Basic Series includes:

  • Part 1 Launch Session: 1 to 2-day in-person, facilitator-led session, followed by 8 weeks of continuous learning (weekly peer-led, small sustainability cohort meetings)
  • Part 2 Strategic Follow-up: 1-day in person facilitator-led session
  • Part 2 can be modified to include one or more 90-minute virtual learning events in place of the 1-day
  • Additional 1-day facilitated sessions can be added to extend the series

Participants: Up to 25 participants; tailored for executives, senior leaders, VPs/Directors and manager levels

Pre-session discovery work Includes:

  • Collaborative calls between key stakeholders and Verus Global to ensure alignment
  • 2-5 virtual interviews with facilitator and select participants to build affinity and refine the focus 

General agenda overview for the A.C.T. launch program:

1.Define shared Business and Human Imperatives

2.Clarify purpose and motivations

3.Mobilize hearts and minds: going beyond engagement

4.Inventory and assess strengths and momentum towards Imperatives

5.Determine causes and contributors of strengths and momentum

6.Focus on what matters: 3 Mind Factors

7.Build awareness: the games the brain plays

8.Energize around a shared reality: The Energy Map

9.Identify barriers to success under our control

10.Operating from a shared reality: 3D Discussion

11.Solving and breaking barriers

12.Planning for sustained A.C.T. in Partnerships: Sustainability cohorts

Sustainability Process

  • Agendas and facilitator support provided

Download a one-page overview of The A.C.T. In Partnership.