Support For Making It Happen

Passion Is Yours: Seize It

The energy of passion is yours: seize it.

Your Reputation Is Earned Today

What will people say when you’re gone?

One Thing Consistent In Great Teams

One thing consistent within great teams is this: Team members spend almost no time identifying who made mistakes. And they rarely remember who had the original, brilliant idea.

When Is A Salad No Longer A Salad?

The names we give things can create the illusion that we’re doing something good or productive. It’s worth asking the team, therefore: Are the labels we put on our meetings a true reflection of what we’re doing in our meetings?

VIDEO: How to Become Even More Agile (2:05)

With the market changing constantly, it requires parallel partnership between departments and teams. By using every interaction to build and develop partnership, teams get even more agile.

VIDEO: How to Activate the Potential in Others: The 5 Disciplines of an Activator (2:28)

To what extend are you able to activate the potential in others? Craig W. Ross shares an overview of what Activators are – and how they develop the need of the business and the leaders within it. Craig shares the five disciplines of an Activator and how they benefit...

VIDEO: A revolution in training is coming… (4:08)

Craig Ross, Verus Global CEO & President answers the question, “Is lack of time an excuse – or – an opportunity to get even better as a leader?” Craig explores the three powerful ways to build and develop talent – and how effective leaders are using these three to...