DO BIG THINGS: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take To Mobilize Hearts And Minds And Make An Epic Impact

Craig W. Ross, Angie V. Paccione, PhD. and Victoria L. Roberts

Amid constant swirl, uncertainty and complexity is your team capable of doing big things? Too often people are pulled together, labeled a “team,” given a directive and expected to deliver results quickly. Soon, however, the team suffers from DSD: distracted, hopelessly stressed and disconnected. Predictably, the team flatlines and the energy needed to succeed is lost. Learn more.

ONE Team: 10-minute Discussions That Activate Inspired Teamwork

Craig W. Ross, Angie V. Paccione, PhD.

THE UGLY TRUTH: Most organizations score horribly in equipping employees to work together and deliver on their collective potential, despite the fact that teamwork is more important in the 21st century than it ever was before. Learn more.

Degrees of Strength: The Innovative Technique to Accelerate Greatness

Craig W. Ross, Steve Vannoy

What would you pay for greater responsibility and performance momentum within your team? Short enough to read in one plane ride, your team will be inspired to solve the problems that have slowed success, even those tenacious ones that have plagued your team or family for years. Learn more.

10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children

Steven W. Vannoy

The twentieth anniversary edition of the classic parenting book, now updated to reflect Steven Vannoy’s two decades of experience helping both families and businesses better care for their children and employees. Learn more.