Our Solutions

Changing behaviors is not an intellectual exercise. It is the business of the heart.

We look across your organization to design a comprehensive solution that transforms the business while activating the heart of the people that fuel it.

A.C.T. in Partnership®

Alignment + Collaboration + Trust: A workshop-style session with strategically-facilitated discussion to quickly unify your team.

Pathways to Leadership®

Our flagship program exposes your team to all the Verus Global tools, so you can create a common collaborative language and energize around a shared reality.

The Connector System® Certification

Equips individuals with the expertise to lead and share their knowledge within their organization for peer-to-peer learning.

We’re on a Mission to Establish Collaboration as a Core Value In Society

(And have fun while we do it)!

Our journey began over 30 years ago,
delivering parenting workshops.

We were driven by the idea that bringing out the best in children required parents to be at their best first. It didn’t take long for parents in our programs to bring us into their places of work.

Now, we are driven by clarity of the virtuous cycle:

By equipping organizations to be at their best, the families in that community become stronger. And, as a result, those families build stronger institutions in the community.

With every phone call and every program, we expand and write a story of the heart that has always mattered.

We Believe

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