Ford of Mexico: How Employee Engagement Increased During Trying Times


As Ford of Mexico embarked on a new product launch, pressures were immeasurable and they faced competitive, regulatory and customer landscapes that continually shifted. Years had been invested in this innovation, yet the success of the launch would be threatened by an unforeseen obstacle: immediately after the launch, one of the largest suppliers filed for bankruptcy, causing chaos, delays in production, incomplete deliveries and other losses.


  • Equip leaders to juggle paradoxes in every moment
  • Create increased alignment and trust with their leaders and teams
  • Improve dismal engagement scores (68%)


The focus was on uniting the team during turblent times and creating a shared vision that would equip them to adapt and innovate while navigating change. The solution involved a strategic rollout of the Pathways to Leadership® Process.


  • Leaders, equipped with the Verus Global tools and approach, gained capability to manage complex change and lead others through change
  • Increased their employee engagement score from 68% to 91%
  • Voted best place to work in all of Mexico
  • Customers received the best product: Ford Mexico received prestigious JD Power awards and ratings
  • Exceeded warranty targets by 45 percent, bettered cost targets and had industry-best results

“Pathways to Leadership is an investment that proves sustainable results. As a result, we have been able to reach our full potential.”

Marcos S. De Oliveira

President & CEO, Ford of Mexico