Owens Illinois: A Successful Integration of Multiple Cultures

The world’s leading glass bottle manufacturing company acquired a large European company with locations in every country. A new European headquarters was set up in Switzerland. The Global Technical Director was charged with establishing a central operations team and leading a successful integration of teams from multiple cultures.

Team members from the newly acquired company came from a wide variety of countries (including Polish, Dutch, Italian, French, British, Spanish and American), various disciplines, and cultural norms.

A strategic roll-out of the Verus Global Pathways to Leadership® Process with the goal of successfully integrating new team members into the central operations team.


  • The integration of a multi-cultural team and global operations was a success
  • The leadership team exceeded their synergy targets ahead of schedule
  • Team members gained credibility in the eyes of the corporate world
  • The CEO modeled other regions after Europe including roll-out of Pathways to Leadership
  • The company exceeded budgets and goals, set records and developed leaders for the
    future of the region as well as the corporation

“The Pathways to Leadership® training created understandings of each other that would have taken us years to accomplish, if ever. Stereotypes and paradigms were swept away. As a result we were able to create, and achieve, a cohesive team.”

Rich Crawford

Former President, Latin America , Owens Illinois