We will equip a group of key influencers to go where the best learning transfer occurs: developing their peers, on the job, in small learning episodes, focused on bringing out the best in others so they can deliver more effectively on your business objectives.

The Activator Program equips a group of strategically –selected employees with a multi-faceted approach to take out into your organization –inspiring, motivating and equipping your workforce with the same approach in a way that quickly spreads across your organization, creating a multiplier effect.

Ideal For

  • Significant changes and/or culture initiatives
  • Re-engage the workforce and retaining top talent
  • High potentials, mentors, change agents, key influencers
  • Move a business objective or initiative forward quickly
  • Activate the potential within their workforce by engaging the hearts and minds of their employees
The Activator program has been the best, in my 18 years at [this organization], at translating back to the workplace after the off‐site training. This, despite the unique challenges facing [my organization], speaks to the strength of this program and your business.
Activator Program Participant

Senior Leader, Fortune 500 Company

Program Overview

  • Senior Leaders 92% 92%
  • Mid-Level Leaders 95% 95%
  • Individual Contributors 85% 85%
Number of Participants:

  • Up to 20-40 participants per session



  • 3-5 virtual interviews with the facilitator and key leaders to set expectations, build affinity and refine focus for the program launch
  • Pre-session survey and light pre-work for participants
  • 2 ½ day in-person, facilitator-led launch session followed by 24 weeks sustainability
  • Sustainability includes: Access to Wavemaker; Bi-weekly peer-led, facilitator-supported, small group meetings; Six, 90-minute virtually-facilitated webinars (one per month)


  • Elevated everyday interactions that activate the mind and the heart
  • Stronger relationships
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Direct and open conversations with a focus on moving business objective(s) forward
  • Network of change agents

Download a one-page overview of The Activator Program.

The Activator principles have made me more self-aware of my interactions with others and how the way I interact with others can either have a positive or negative impact on [my organization’s] culture.

Individual Mentored by Activator Program Participant

Leader, Fortune 500 Company (did not attend program)

“I feel blessed that I have been chosen to be in this program and starting this movement with our organization. What an amazing group of leaders.”

Birgit Wirtz

Section Head, Global Pants Innovation, P&G

It has positively helped me engage and collaborate with cross-functional groups in facilitating and clarifying project focus.
Individual Mentored by Activator Program Participant

Project Leader, Fortune 500 Company (did not attend program)

Craig W. Ross, CEO of Verus Global, explains more about the unique experience that is The Activator Program: