This post comes as a collaboration between Randy Ratliff (CEO of Larimer County Mental Health) and our very own Certified Facilitator Sue Taigman.


A recent article for the Fort Collins Coloradoan (http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20110710/BUSINESS/107100327/Companies-paying-price-rising-workplace-incivility.) caught our attention for it’s focus on workplace incivility. Randy recognizes the Pathways to Leadership® Process as being instrumental in increasing “civility,” especially knowing the dramatic impact this element has to the bottom line (see above article).



This article frames a Wellness Culture or “the smell of the place” (in contrast to a toxic environment framed by incivility). More specifically, it frames the positive impact that taking the High Road can have directly on the bottom line. It also sets a platform for the 3 Conditions that Accelerate Change, as the article states: “Employees can handle more stress if they are given more control.” The end of the article talks about the number one rule being: to maintain the self-esteem of others. Albeit good intentioned, at times even the best leader ignores that rule and plays victim instead.


What’s the impact when we’re conscious of the Humanity Factor? And when we come into these situations having built Big Rs? What difference has that made for your workplace civility? And at times, when we’ve taken the Low Road, are we forgiven because we’ve cultivated dignity and trust?


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