holiday break

1. Instead of delivering a Holiday break-to-remember . . . create one. Discover moments with loved ones that could have never been pre-planned.
2. Let go of the drive to: “align,” “strategize,” and “execute”. . . and just be. Be the best mom, dad, son, daughter or sibling you could ever possibly be.
3. Rather than establish rules with in-laws . . . be one family. That’s it. No “them” and “we.” Just us.
4. Let go of the to-do lists . . . and experience the here and now. Laugh longer with a child. Listen longer to a sibling. Wait for it: The gift is often disguised.
5. Release the need for things to be perfect . . . and indulge yourself in the mess and chaos and unfinished life of scattered wrapping paper, screaming kids running around, and missing puzzle pieces.
These will be the finest days of 2015. Experiencing what is most important in life is a choice.
The very best to you and yours from all of us at Verus Global. See you in 2016!
Image courtesy of nonicknamephoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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