• They didn’t understand our business.

    Photo Credit: gerardoalmaraz via Compfight cc

    Photo Credit: gerardoalmaraz via Compfight cc

  • She was impossible to work with.
  • He was only interested in what would serve him.
  • We didn’t have time to make it work.

The stories we tell ourselves, about how we are accountable despite the fact that we didn’t deliver, can mislead. In the end, if the job didn’t get done, rationalization for failure is faux responsibility.

  1. It may appear risky to inform others that:
  2. We won’t meet a deadline,
  3. Where and how we have failed, and
  4. What we are going to do alternatively.

In the end though, it is far more perilous to leave the judgment of our character to others. Doing so increases their control of our future.

The fact is, we will all be a part of failures. Which means, in time, we will be the common denominator.

How will people see you respond?

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Activate Your Greatness.

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