Are you a quitter? Are there things that you want to do professionally and personally that, over time, are beginning to seem out of reach? Are you tempted to quit?

Would it surprise you to know that the strategies most people and organizations employ to achieve their objectives actually keep them from tasting success?

Here’s the elephant in the office: Too many people think that in order to get ahead, they’re supposed to look behind. In pursuit of prized objectives, some organizations make it a practice to focus on what’s not working, who’s to blame, all their problems and what they don’t like about each other.

It’s no wonder people quit; the relentless analysis of why we’re not good enough dismantles the fortitude of the strongest amongst us.

Maybe quitting – something – is the best option.


Perhaps it’s surprising: quitting is part of the formula for success. And what we quit is the key.

Here are the top three things you can quit doing to guarantee progress towards your goal:

  1. Quit looking for the evidence that you’re not making progress;
  2. Quit depending on or allowing external circumstances to determine your emotional state;
  3. Here’s the big one. This key has an ironic twist. It’s a step that most people don’t take, but you can: Quit focusing on what you should quit doing and begin focusing on what you should do.

We should never quit pursuing what it is we want to achieve. What we should quit are the practices, behaviors and beliefs that stop us from accomplishing our objectives.

In the name of achieving your dreams today, what will you quit?

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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