Would you rather win or lose? Logically, most people would choose to win. Yet, surprisingly, many people play the game of life to lose.


Here’s the elephant in the office: In an effort to improve perceived weaknesses, we “compare our weaknesses to other people’s strengths,” shares an honest Mike Heidt. The result? “You lose every time.”


Countless people are playing the game backward: trying to get themselves (and others) to win by claiming they’re losers. When you feel like a loser, how long and hard do you work to improve?


Competition is a part of our market system; your organization must win more than it loses. Yet cutting a team’s strength in half by dividing it in two (winners and losers) before it enters competition is insane. Whether as a team or by yourself, how often can you beat your competition with one arm tied behind your back?


Ultimately, then, how do we improve?






Three facts that ensure we will improve:

Fact #1: Confidence is the necessary ingredient for improvement.

Fact #2: Confidence is derived from the belief that something can be achieved.

Fact #3: Focusing on where we are succeeding – rather than where we’re not – creates the belief that something can be achieved.


This is not about false praise or a disregard for unmet objectives; this is understanding that results must be achieved. What’s necessary to move forward is not focusing on what we lack in comparison to others – this only ensures that the gap remains. The answer lies in focusing on what we are doing well.


Will you win or lose today? Consider the possibility that by mastering your focus you can guarantee a win.


Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?


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