Millions are following Caine’s Arcade – and with good reason: It inspires. The movement generated by the original video is now being celebrated with “Chapter Two,” one year later. (If you don’t have 8 minutes to spare at work, it’s worth watching at home.)


The challenge in the video: create one day of fun by focusing on innovation. And while the context is serving the world’s children (an important cause), professionals can apply this idea in the work place.


A team we partnered with last week has it right. They work in the health care industry – one that, on the surface, looks anything but fun right now. Yet, this team sees the challenges in front of them as energizing. Their individual job titles might not be “artist” or “scientist,” but as talented professionals they all have something in common: They want to create. They want to innovate. They want to build and develop a better way forward.


Beware the manager who places “innovation” on the ‘to-do list.’ It’s not a box to be checked, but a way of going about every interaction of every day.


People want to be great. We all want to do our best. Contrary to popular belief and the conflicting evidence, we all want to find solutions. Doing so is a function of being fulfilled. The more often we operate in this state, the more fun we have.


What is the primary ingredient of an innovative culture your team will build this week so that improvement becomes the norm – and work a lot more fun?


We’ve created a space for our community to talk about innovation below. Please share your thoughts here.




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