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If an organization has employees grouped together who are not mentoring, teaching, directing, facilitating, or coaching – in other words, consistently activating the potential around them – as they move through the workday, the company is already at a considerable disadvantage. They can’t hire and retain talent fast enough to keep pace: Talented people grouped together, but not equipped to activate the potential within each other, suddenly become quite average (at best) in their performance.


In order to succeed, today’s organizations must have systems that strengthen individuals and teams as they do their work.


From thousands of hours of experience, we know this for certain: Within 10 minutes your team can have the discussions it needs to have to elevate its performance effectiveness. Regardless of whether it’s transformative or incremental steps that are made, it’s the direction that is most important. For if a team is not working on improving itself, what is it becoming?


What’s your strategy to create one team in ’15? The excerpt above comes from our newest “must-read” book, ONE Team: 10-Minute Discussions That Activate Inspired Teamwork by Craig W. Ross and Dr. Angela V. Paccione. We invite you to learn more about the book (including more free content), or to purchase a special pre-launch copy before February 20, visit: http://oneteambook.com/




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