No one but you will notice:

  • That you leave the laptop at the office so you can spend all weekend being present with family
  • That your smartphone is dropped in a drawer the moment you walk in the door at home
  • That you took the time to read a second book to a child instead of answering 20 more emails.

There will always be others who work more hours than you. Which means, you’re at risk of being passed by. Others may get the promotion you felt you deserved. And there’ll be teammates who are publicly acknowledged, while no one says a thing about you.

But those people are risking something, too. They may never:

  • Hear their daughter quietly say, “Thanks for being there,” on a long drive home after they’ve lost in a competition
  • Receive a hug from their son who’s learning how to be true to himself in the world
  • Participate in the final joys of an aging parent.

The organization will always take whatever energy and hours you’re willing to give. There’s no one with whom to be angry. It’s only a question that must be asked: What’s the reward you’re pursuing?

Creating Fulfillment in Our Work and Day-to-Day Life

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