This guest post from Nancy O. of Aetna was part of a recent Win Wizard Report. Thanks to Nancy for sharing this great story of how taking the High Road made the difference for her team.


What happened? What was the issue?

As we all know it is that time of the year that we hold our mid-year scorecard discussion. As a team we discussed how this weeks POIS agenda topic (The High Road and the Low Road) was very appropriate to keep in mind as we had these discussions. I have a very strong employee who took on several new responsibilities this year and is not performing them at the same level of all their other functions partially because they are new at the function and partially as they don’t understand all of the issues, but isn’t questioning or asking for help.


What Pathways to Leadership® tools were applied and how?

I realized that it was going to be critical to stay on the High Road as we discussed this topic and the development opportunities associated with it. It is important to me and the team to continue developing this team member and our relationship in order for them to be just as successful with this function as they are with other functions they perform.  I asked what do you need from myself or others on the team to ensure we get the long term results needed to be a success with this new function.  I laid out the objectives and what I thought was needed, but also asked for their ideas. I focused on the priorities and made sure they understood the long term goals related to this function.  Although I always address these tough issues and like most people do not like to do so, I had that magic moment where I realized what was needed to stay on the high road which made this discussion much easier for the employee and I to have.


What was the outcome and benefit to you, your colleagues, team, family, and/or the organization?

We each walked a way with a better understanding of what is needed to be a success with this function and in the long run if they are successful I will not have to have two employees focused on this role an will have the trust in the person that they can handle the role and we do not have to micromanage it.


How will taking the High Road support you in accelerating performance and trust this year?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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