You know that person who irritates us, who perhaps we even dislike? (Who hired them, anyway?) We must ask ourselves: To what extent am I letting them govern the experience I’m having at work?

If you think about it, it’s crazy, isn’t it? When someone doesn’t behave the way we think they should, it can seem automatic to respond with behaviors that diminish us. If we’re honest with ourselves, the logic sounds like this: Their insulting actions require me to talk behind their back, say things that call their character into question and perhaps tarnish their reputation, and seek ways to gain an advantage over them.

Suddenly, everything we wanted our lives to be like is gone. Because of them.

Or not. What conditions are necessary for us to be at our best as humans? Does realizing our potential require other people to first conform to our values? If we are to bring our best to interactions with others, must they first be at their best (based upon our values and view of the world)?

If being at our best requires conditions to first be met, we deny ourselves the reward of our own fulfillment. We limit the inspiration we can experience, and which, of course, is available to us anytime we want.

This is the Contributor Decision: I choose to bring my best to this situation. It’s a choice that determines who has control. Making the decision is to declare we are autonomous and choose to make the most of what matters most: our lives.

I’ll Bring My Best If You Bring Your Best

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