What sort of team are you on? Knowing is important, because the type of team you’re on predicts your level of performance.

In other words, determining what sort of team you will be is a step towards deciding whether or not you’ll do anything significant.

At some point every team needs to decide what sort of team it’s going to be:

  • Just a group of people thrown together to get a project done.
  • An assortment of cross-functional people using the same conference dial-in number once a week.
  • A collection of talented people who all want the same thing: the boss’s job.
  • A selection of individuals clustered together based upon styles, but with little skill in enabling those styles to be exponentially stronger together.
  • A team that cares enough about delivering the business imperative that you prioritize equipping team members to put your values into action.

What has your team decided? What level of performance do you want to achieve?





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