3 Tips for a “Best Ever” SummerThose in the northern hemisphere have launched our summer. A sure way to disappoint the family is to treat the family vacation like strategy execution: Results! Results! Results! (Some of us have learned the hard way.)
Whether you go to Disneyland, on a cruise or stay home, here are 3 Tips for a “best ever” summer family vacation:
1) Activate the heart. Simon Sinek reminds us that when we start with “why” something is important we’re more successful at connecting with others. How will your summer travels with family be used to explore dreams, passions and interests? When we know the hearts of those we love we better understand why we love them.
2) It’s all about time with you. A friend once shared why he was traveling with his family in a car across the country: I’m in the memory-making business with my family. We give careers to the companies we work for; we give our lives to those we love. They may say they want to see Mickey Mouse or go on a cruise – but the memory only lasts if you’re with them. What will you do to be in the moment each moment?
3) Create – instead of deliver. Our lives are filled with deliverables and deadlines. Family vacations aren’t cheap. As the expenses mount, what will you expect in return? Memories aren’t bought, they’re created. What will you do to let go of expectations and ensure a mode of discovery?
What does a “best ever” summer look like to you? (You’ve earned it.)
Image courtesy of Areeya at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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