1. Listen with humility when they applaud your greatness. Forgive them when they seek to taint your spirit.
  2. Listen with curiosity as they tell you their version of the vision. Compartmentalize their opinion when they tempt you to forfeit the inspired future you see.
  3. Listen with hunger when they share ideas for your improvement. Ignore them when they criticize your work as a failure.
  4. Listen with gratitude as they pitch their proposals to you. When they reject you, tip your hat to the journey they’re on (and walk on by).
  5. Listen with privilege when they share how they, too, have failed. Forget their words if they act as though they’ve always succeeded.
  6. Listen with attention as they describe with detail the challenging road ahead. Deflect their insecurities should they tell you you’re going to regret the route you believe is best for you.
  7. Listen with devotion when they implore you to never give up. Dismiss their smallness when they tell you your cause is no use.

How are you listening today? Listen well. Then do well.



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