Before you say you believe in someone, before you encourage them to pursue their goals, it’s worth remembering: They need more than your words.

Passively believing in someone is easy; there are a lot of leaders who do this. That’s why actively believing in people is a differentiator.

Actively believing in someone means you:

  • Amplify their strengths
  • Ensure they’re accountable to higher standards
  • Tell them what they don’t want to hear
  • Give them the tools to do what you believe they can do
  • Re-connect them to their purpose (when they’re thinking about quitting the fight)
  • Let them be the hero

Believing in people isn’t the act of telling them so. Believing in someone is a course of actions.

Who do you believe in? And do your actions show it?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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