Where are you getting your gas? What makes you go? It’s long been said that information is power. But what happens if you have bad information? If so, be aware of the power outage.

Upon hearing that a colleague was communicating incorrect information, a friend stated, “He’s been getting gas at the wrong station again.” That’s a power outage. This person was losing their power by communicating rumors.

Here’s the elephant in the office: With the tightening marketplace, companies are making decisions so fast that sometimes the only information shared are the rumors that spread like wildfire in advance. As a result, these companies have to deal with a tough economy AND a loss of power due to the spread of gossip. The workforce is rendered powerless by the distractions.


Economies around the world are getting serious about using alternative fuels. What about you? Are your conversations giving you energy? It may be time for a new source of power.

Time spent addressing information that isn’t accurate or verified is like dreaming up “negative fantasies”. Such jibber-jabber drains energy – energy that is in demand as creative solutions are a must for survival.

If you find yourself at a gas pump that is giving bad gas, such as a conversation where gossip is being spread, excuse yourself and find an alternative fuel source. Commit to these steps:

  1. Deal with facts. What are the things we can control?
  2. Practice creativity. How will we make the most with what we have?
  3. Be an alternative fuel source for others. Build a solutions-focus environment.

Correct information is power. Make sure you fill up with the correct gas.

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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