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For five years, Stomp the Elephant in the Office has been transforming leaders worldwide and we treasure the countless success stories we’ve heard from leaders like you. This week, we released Stomp the Elephant in the Office as an electronic book via Amazon.com (you can download a special reader to read it on your PC or Mac if you don’t have a Kindle).


We’re giving it to you and your friends for free:
We’re building a movement of leaders who understand that the most effective method for creating growth and enduring profitability is to have an inspired and fulfilled* workforce. You’re already part of the movement and we need your help.


October 30-November 1, 2012 (make a note in your calendar now) you’ll be able to download a free copy of Stomp the Elephant in the Office (it’s just our way of saying thanks for being you). Our goal is to get the ebook into the hands of 50,000 leaders worldwide. Since you already believe in this mission, you’re the best person to ask to help spread the word if you feel Stomp is useful or helpful to someone else. If you’re willing to share these essential tools with others, we’d like to ask you to share the free eBook with others as well.


Here’s a few ways you can help:
1.   Download the book here (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009SEX5JM) Oct 30-Nov 1.
2.   Please consider 10 others you’d like to share the free offer with. Blog, Tweet, Like, Post and share more about the special offer for Stomp the Elephant in the Office with people whose lives will be transformed by the tools in the book.
3.   Love the book? Take a 2 minutes and share what you love in a review on Amazon.com 
4.   Visit our website for more free resources (including our “Elephant Stomping” Group Guide).
Thank you for the important role you play as a leader, supporter and mentor to our organization.


Here’s to your leadership,
Steve Vannoy and Craig Ross






What leaders are saying about the book:
“In fact I liked some of the concepts in Stomp The Elephant so much that I decided to take them out for a test drive… So far the results have been spectacular.”
Simon Barrett/Bloggers News Network

” Stomp the Elephant in the Office is a must-read for anyone who works with people…in any capacity. Its simple and practical tools are empowering and can actually be implemented immediately to improve almost all aspects of your work day—productivity, meetings, hard-to-have conversations and personal level of satisfaction with your work.”
–Brooke Fritz, guest commentator for JVA’s Nonprofit Street


“The authors make it clear that anyone in the organization can act as a cultural change agent…the book is empowering as every employee has the potential to take a leadership role in removing the elephants that create a toxic workplace. They recognize that people want to achieve greatness in their work…” –Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World



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* Our definition of fulfilled includes an understanding that everyone is capable of doing something significant to contribute to high performance. When the individual does that, they know their potential is being realized.

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Activate Your Greatness.

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