Are you the best leader of the year? (It’s not too early to be thinking about this.)


Here’s the key: To win the award you don’t have to be better than every other leader in the company. You only have to be the best leader of the year for those you are responsible for leading and influencing.


“Best ever” means realizing and activating the potential in every interaction. It doesn’t mean in the history of man. It’s not being the best in the world – it’s being the best for your world.


Seth Godin shares a similar message in his well-written The Dip. While his book refers to the marketing aspect of your business, its principle can be applied to your work as a leader.


What does your team need you to hear, to say, to do, to deliver so they can excel? Here’s to your courage to act from your principles more consistently than you ever have before, so you can be the best for them. Here’s to your greatest year of leadership.


*Note: Don’t have direct reports? Substitute the word “leader” for the appropriate word of your choosing…teammate? Parent? And be the best ever.


Share your thoughts on what best ever leadership looks like below.


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