It is an illusion: If you and your colleagues follow processes you can make the timely and important decisions required of the business.

Here is what this illusion sounds like: “We’ll be able to increase speed in our business when we…

…operationalize our new ERP…

…are clear on roles and responsibilities…

…establish decision-making rights…

…accomplish our digital transformation.”

There is no process you can implement that fully anticipates the needs or accounts for the new information generated tomorrow. Leaders are negligent when they sell initiatives and processes meant to increase the speed of value creation—without integrating a method for deeply aligning colleagues seamlessly across their organization.

Deeply aligned colleagues solve problems faster than any flowchart or process you can create.

A Brutal Truth

Leaders everywhere are asking employees to speak up. Then perhaps answers to this question should be considered:

When our leaders hold separate P&Ls, have different priorities, or are not deeply aligned with one another…how will the rest of us ensure we work seamlessly with one another across the business?

A brutal truth: Leaders in many organizations drive the energy in their business vertically. In other words, the leaders at the top are managing their division or function in a manner that prioritizes outcomes favorable to their division or function, even if doing so delays achievement of enterprise objectives.

Energy running to the top of an organization does not reach the customer. The only way to transform the velocity of value running to customers is to shift the energy so it runs horizontally through the stakeholders across the enterprise.

ERPs, life-cycle management tools or other digital transformation initiatives, while needed, are not what increases the flow of energy—of value—across organizations. Nor does hosting another “ways of working” sessions (who’s got the ‘D’?).

Deeply connected humans change the direction and increase the flow of energy the customer craves.

From Deficient Cross-Functionality to Thriving Seamlessly

If you’re a leader caught in the swirl of conflicting energy in your organization, you have choice: Be a victim or lead from the position you’re in.

We’re committed to supporting the inspired, collaborative leaders who choose to be accountable. Those who have graduated from our Verus Global programs are invited to attend our Activation Session on March 18, from 1-2 p.m. ET. In a lively session, we’ll answer the question: How do we break silos and partner more effectively across the enterprise?

  • This is our gift: Participation is free.
  • If you’re not a graduate of a Verus Global solution—no problem. Join anyway for a taste of the experience.
  • Have a schedule conflict? Your registration automatically signs you up for distribution of the session’s recording.

Driving value to the customer faster requires strengthening disciplines. This is in your power.



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