If you build processes (including the ultimate, your culture) designed to reduce variability and risks…while at the same time chanting “we must act boldly!”… employees will disregard your words in favor of fitting into the system.

If your corporate values include “collaboration”…but groups are rewarded for hitting numbers that do not matter to their peers…you are a silo builder.

If you preach “we need greater accountability”…but your organization hears “people need to be punished”…your real problem is your employees are not effectively empowered.

If you want a united, aligned team…yet you consistently celebrate individuals who save the day with Herculean efforts…you are going to get more people who want the spotlight.

If you spend more time trying to determine what you are going to say in your next meeting…and less time connecting personally with the people in the meeting…you should expect feedback that your meetings are of low value.

The identity of your team is not formed by what you say. How your team is perceived is determined by what you and others do.

Make up your mind.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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