One Powerful Way To Move Forward

We all want to move forward. Teams that do not possess the skill to do so, however, usually have team members locked in self-perpetuating conflict . . . where everyone loses.
When wrongs are righted we accelerate bonds, particularly those of trust, which are essential if we hope to do anything significant at all.
What stops teams from healing wounds, though, is the obsession of studying the problem – which usually has been identified as “them.” This fixation is a solution’s cancer.
One powerful way to move forward is to quit waiting for apologies or agreeing on who was to blame (we may wait forever) and simply get on with reconciliation. The pursuit of harmony is the act of regaining our power from distractions of the past.
If we’re willing to go first, if a stronger future means more to us than rationalized mediocrity, shock “them” by sincerely asking:
• In what ways have we been effective as a team?
• How did we accomplish those feats?
• What’s our next step in becoming stronger together?
They won’t be the only ones who are shocked by the discussion. Our newfound potential will likely surprise even us.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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