These are the employees we love to call teammates, the ones who:

  • Insist on inclusivity and drive faster decision making
  • Model what composure looks like when bad news is delivered
  • Speak up in the face of micro-aggressions or acts of injustice
  • Communicate early that the plan won’t work and then add their ideas on how it could
  • Defend people in other functions who are being disparaged
  • Prioritize their relationship with their family
  • Are accountable to processes so others can do their job on time
  • Can stand confidently when the path forward is uncertain
  • Seeks productive task-conflict with others
  • Consistently create clarity by connecting themselves and others to purpose
  • Provide evidence-based optimism that the team can succeed

In years past, the heroes of the workforce were those who would run into a fire (crisis) and save the day for the customer, company or teammates. That approach is now outdated, inefficient and taxes the emotional strength of all.

Today’s heroes aren’t fixing problems. Instead, they’re all in early, developing the people, partnerships and the dynamics required for sustained high performance in an ever-increasing complex world.

Are you building your team of heroes?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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