What is the greatest strength of your team?

A) Are team members the smartest in your industry?

 B) The most experienced?
 C) Is technical expertise your advantage?
 D) Are you well positioned in the organization or market?
 E) Are you well financed?
 F) Does your strategy or plan differentiate you?

 G) Are team members disciplined at improving together every day?

Strengths A through F are tremendous to possess. (Celebrate them!) Without G, however, the fate of short-lived success is likely yours.

A team with just moderate degrees of strength in A through F can – and often will – succeed if G is their greatest strength.

Do not be disillusioned, though. “Disciplined as a team” does not mean “the hardest working.” There are many exhausted teams who are failing miserably. Disciplined, in this case, is an uncompromising approach to utilizing a process that builds essential alignment and collaboration in daily interactions.

Scientists do not veer from the scientific method. Body builders meticulously measure their exercise. Musicians habitually practice their scales. Software engineers relentlessly verify and validate.

Oddly, many organizations are filled with teams that do nothing to strengthen their effectiveness. Which is why too many teams are unreliable.

The team disciplined at improving as a team will be the one we are celebrating tomorrow.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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