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If we just had more talent, we would win.


This sentiment is a warning sign. Obviously, if you have more talent than your competitor you increase the odds of winning. The claim, however, becomes destructive in some organizations: It’s a shield meant to deflect the responsibility for developing and activating the talent already in the organization.


It’s an appealing proposition: Hire the best talent, throw them into the fray, “get out of their way,” and ta-da! Improved results appear. That’s not leadership, however. That’s an attempt to short-cut a requisite of excellence: The responsibility every leader has for developing the talent – the team – they already have.


Expecting others to “behave accordingly,” without investing in developing capabilities as essential as healthy teamwork dynamics, is hubris. “I’m perfect and have succeeded despite hardships, and therefore expect you ‘just do’ the same,” is a disregard a more diverse approach.


Hiring great talent is only a cue that our most important leadership has just begun.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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