When you’re in a state of gratitude it’s impossible to also be:

  • Upset about what’s not right in your world
  • Angry about the injustices around you
  • Disappointed that things didn’t go as planned
  • Annoyed by people you somehow believe aren’t as smart as you

That’s because gratitude is an elixir. It dissolves and remedies that which causes pain. In the moment we choose to give our energy to appreciating what is – we can’t in that same moment have our energy taken away by all the things wrong in our lives.

What’s more, gratitude:

  • Knows no limits
  • Doesn’t require any money
  • Is available to us any time

Given the power of gratitude, it’s tempting to criticize the fact that we need holidays or other designated moments to identify that for which we are thankful.

But don’t take the bait. The moment we criticize society’s lack of gratitude means we forfeit our power to experience that which we crave, nor can we model what we claim so many others need to be doing.

If we want to build a better world it begins by relishing the experience of the one we already have. For those who work year-round to remind us of this: thank you.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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