It dooms a lot of marriages: Regardless of how much a person grows, if the relationship between two parties doesn’t also grow, neither person is released to be a greater expression of themselves.


How do you tell someone you’re changing? (“Honey, I don’t want to listen to ‘80’s music anymore…”)


The wise know that when you invest in growing the relationship, you evolve what is possible for each party. When two people fight and cheer for each other, the relationship flourishes.


We – Verus Global – have a relationship like this with many of you. Because of you, we are better at delivering on our mission. From what you report, you’re also better because of us.


We want you to be an even greater expression of the potential that resides in you and your team – so, we’re taking our relationship with you to new levels.


Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes overview of the upgrades in Verus Global programs, including our flagship, Pathways to Leadership® Process. It’s important for you to have the same language and insights that current graduates are gaining. And, if you’re as serious about continuous improvement as we are, use the additional comprehensive Guide found HERE.

An example: To ensure the relationship between my wife and I grows at the same pace we do individually, we discuss these questions:

1)      In what ways has our relationship gotten stronger? Better?

2)      What’s our current vision for our relationship – and how do we get there?

3)      What are some things that we don’t want to change – and why?


Married or not, with whom will you discuss these questions to ensure a stronger partnership moving forward?


And by the way, if you’re moved to answer a question above as it pertains to the partnership we have with you, we’re eager to hear – and celebrate.


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Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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