“It doesn’t look good right now. It’s tough. We don’t have the resources. Our workload is overwhelming – and they’re still getting rid of people? I can’t see a way to the finish line.”


If the sentiments above sound familiar, you’re not alone. If this is your reality, what’s the best path forward?


A new friend shares something his grandpa taught him: “Everything looks like a failure in the middle.”


On the surface, this phrase may seem defeating. Who wants to be a failure? Yet, dig under the surface and you can find the inspiration. “Champions fight through the middle,” my friend adds. “They know that success is realized at the end.”


There it is: The ability to be in the middle of the maze, in (seeming) mediocrity, haunted by the idea that we may fail…and then have the awareness to know there are Degrees of Strength, degrees of success we are already delivering. Once we discipline our focus on these success factors we can propel ourselves to a greater finish, then replicate and build upon them. And, how do we create more of that?


From your perspective, what’s the difference between two teams who face identical circumstances, yet have vastly different experiences? How come one sees their current situation and feels the oppression of failure – and the others experience the momentum of success?


This week: Validate your team’s current situation, and then ask, “Where do we have evidence that we are and will be champions?” And then enjoy the momentum that is sure to materialize.


Share your evidence in the comments below so other leaders can be inspired by your commitment to being  champions.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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