It’s easy to become numb, to accept otherwise unacceptable circumstances as normal, simply because we’ve been exposed to them so frequently. Day after day our tolerance builds for a reality that, had we never experienced it before, we’d reject it. We’d take action.

But most people don’t take action, leaving many to conclude that,well, meetings are meant to be boring and unproductive, and that it’s okay if leaders lack integrity, or that peers game the system. (Doesn’t everyone?)

When things that were once not okay becomes so, we risk confusing “the way things are” with “who we are.”

The difference between the two is tremendously important. Remembering that we get to choose who we are, and that doing so is an important step towards determining the way things are, prompts action. It mobilizes the heart that has perhaps become too tolerant of circumstances that will no longer be acceptable to us.

Is what you’re settling for (the way things are) good enough?

Mobilize. Doing so will be difficult, but most certainly it’s not nearly as painful as days drowned in apathy.

Mobilize. It’s who we are.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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