You can count on it:

  • Some people around you will complain about the workplace culture. These individuals have forgotten they have a choice.
  • Others near you will wait for a leader with authority to “do something about the culture.” These people fail to remember that they are empowered to act.
  • Further, there will be many who are deeply opposed to your ideas of change. These parties benefit from the status quo.

So, what do you do?

Those who lead transformational change do not listen to the complainers; they nod and move beyond those who disempower themselves; and they refuse to fight the resistors.

Instead, they lead forward, by:

  • deepening their understanding of purpose,
  • creating clarity of vision,
  • and acting.

Every workplace needs effective leaders of change. As the majority keeps doing things the way they have always done, there is a great need for those who are willing to go first, who understand that disappointments are finite, and who find ways to turn frustration into inspiration.

It is likely there is someone in your organization operating as a transformative leader. With haste, find and join them. If you are one: thank you.

What is your next step?



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