Business Man Hiding Under His Hat

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1) The “Hide and Seekers.” Their objective: Make it to retirement unscathed. These are the employees who keep their head down, making sure they don’t bring attention to themselves, lest they risk losing the retirement they’ve planned.


2) The “Career Crusaders.” Their purpose: Aggressively advance as far as they can in the ranks of authority before heading to the big golf course in the sky. Like the crusaders of old, they will pillage and plunder anything (or anyone) in their way.


3) Which brings us to you. The fact that you’re reading this provides a clue that you’re probably not doing time like the ‘Hide and Seekers.’ Nor would you be a ‘Crusader;’ The self-serving rarely invest in efforts that don’t offer an obvious political advantage.


Your purpose or objective is unique, though not always easy: Staying true to you. Working amongst the Hiders and Crusaders can give the appearance that all hope is lost: No one cares about high performance for the reasons that really matter.


Stay strong. There are more of you. A lot more. Your words and actions (the experience of you) is an invitation for others to step forward. Your reason for being passionate about high performance is noble and a worthy cause: to realize potential; to discover true excellence.


There’s no reason to hide; no need to crusade. Be the model we need.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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